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War Memorial Restoration Company has recently had the pleasure of restoring a war memorial in Littlehampton, West Sussex. The monument contains 236 names listed by rank, surname and initials of the men who tragically lost their lives during World War I.

Over the years, the memorial had weathered and been embedded with biological growths and carbon deposits, resulting in a run-down appearance.

An expert team carried out a full skilled and professional cleaning of the memorial using the DOFF superheated steam system. The memorial was also re-pointed using a lime-based mortar to match the original.

The cast bronze plaques on the sides of the monument that list names of the fallen have also been carefully cleaned and treated using a specialist crystalline Wax which was developed and is recommended by the British Museum. One additional name was also added to the role of honour by cleverly matching the original bronze and font styles.

A poultice solution was applied to the stained masonry surrounding the plaques to remove the Verdigris stains from the bronze. The surrounding area was also freshened with the new white chippings, replacing the weathered and dirty originals.

The Town Council, who selected War Memorial Restoration Company, expressed their delight through the Town Clerk, in the completed work by emailing their thanks on completion stating: “Wow, Wow, Wow – Our War Memorial looks amazing. Myself and the Assistant Town Clerk took a walk to meet with the workmen this morning, and were so pleased with the work that has been carried out by your company. Thank you so much.”


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